Living in Bremen

bremen, photography 5. März 2018

Living in Bremen

By now, we had some time to roam the city of Bremen and especially our neighborhood here. I just love walking around for no specific reason except getting some inspiration and fresh air. You might have realized by now, I have a weakness for rather moody pictures ( or let’s say motifs ), so don’t let the pictures fool you. It’s actually very sunny here all the time at the “coast”. Really, I was expecting living in Bremen would be far more gray, especially since it’s winter.

Bremen, I am starting to like you very much! Keep it up.

You’ll find more pictures on my vsco page.

solid shampoo minimal waste pastell colors container

solid shampoo

minimal waste 25. Februar 2018

solid shampoo

Doing my first baby steps while going minimal waste. First things replaced were shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant. Besides the fact, that I am very surprised by the awesome results I love that the bathroom smells wonderfully and also look at how pretty these bars are! I mean, really. Couldn’t stop taking pictures. Pastel colors! Another plus: this is the end of leaking shampoo bottles. For me, this was always a problem while travelling.

Also, I had some bowls left over. They are tiny and I used them as an ink or water depot while doing calligraphy, but I realized I am fine with the lid of my watercolor container. But hey, they are more than perfect for the solid shampoo and the other soaps, not only that they fit nicely, but also colorwise.

No sacrifice replacing the ugly plastic containers at all. Aesthetically a total win. I guess I am a designer thoroughly.

So far so good.

minimal waste analogue collage nadine bieg

minimal waste

collage, minimal waste 19. Februar 2018

minimal waste

As some people might know, we’ve been moving around the country a lot the last couple of years. And everytime we start packing boxes, we realize how much stuff we have accumulated. Moving is a great way to get rid a lot of stuff, because you have to grab every single piece anyways and put it in a box. When was the last time you actually used that stuff? Do I really need it? We started making a habit of questioning the stuff we really need, because less stuff gives you a lot of freedom, not only when moving. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

In addition, it’s the first time we have our own waste container here. We used to live in houses in Berlin or Braunschweig, where the entire house is contributing to the same huge waste bin. But here, we have our very own. If that really makes sense is a different story. But my point is: Because it’s only us putting stuff in there, you start realizing how much waste you produce. I am literally shocked. I started looking closer and thinking about ways to reduce that waste. Also, living with a baby under one roof, which is putting everything in her mouth, you notice how much stuff is actually wrapped in plastic over and over again and it’s making me sick and angry at the same time.

But what to do about it? Well, for now I just have ideas on what I can do personally, but no real solutions ( if there is any ), thinking, reading and observing a lot. Trying to consume less and investing in longlasting products has been part of our mindset for a while now. Let’s incorporate the minimal waste mentality as fast and as good as we can. I am keeping you updated.

Oh, and guess what? That collage is called minimal waste. Quite a surprise.

book design back in the days

graphic design 7. Februar 2018



book design back in the days

I came across these books the other day. Despite me wanting to go on holiday to France now desperately, I think they make a great pair in color and graphic style. The simplest ideas are sometimes the best. Also, I sometimes want to be thrown back into good old graphic design days. With all the possibilities we have nowadays while designing ( especially digitally), it’s always a difficult task not to clutter your head and therefore your design work. Keeping them as a reminder.

And by the way, isn’t the german language beautiful: Mindestwortschatz! hach!

three months - an analogue, abstract and graphic collage

three months

collage 26. Januar 2018


three months

Guess what? I found the time to make some collages. There is still a lot of other stuff waiting on my to-do lists from last year to be crossed and forgotten, but if I don’t make room for scraps and scissors it will probably never happen.

Sometimes it takes forever to make one, sometimes you make five and even like all of them. That’s rare, but yay, it happened. Maybe it’s because the crawling baby is totally in love with my orange paper trash bin, so it has to be emptied out several times a day. And I am always like: wait, what’s that? Oh nice. Did I really throw this away. Well, it comes in handy…

Oh, and for you to know: For all my collages, I have found a home here, in case you wanna see more of them.

The collage is called three months. We are almost in our third month here in Bremen. And it’s only three months until the baby is turning one. Where has the time gone?



missing berlin

travel 19. Januar 2018


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missing berlin

So I was trying to organize my picture mess on my phone, instead I was browsing all of my images. It’s okay to do that, because that’s why I took them, even though I had a different intention. Oh well. Anyways, the point is, it made me realize that I do miss Berlin and I was so sure I wasn’t. Strange feeling. So here is some random collection of our last months in Berlin.

nadine bieg watercolor lettering new beginnings

new beginnings

general 14. Januar 2018

Yep, here it is, the first entry of my new blog.

new beginnings.

I was with tumblr all those years before, but it was time to move on. I was always okay with my blog being on a different platform, but I have come to realize, that it doesn’t make much sense anymore. Instead I was confusing my visitors, clients and even friends and family. “So there is another webpage of yours?”, “Wait, which webpage do you talk about now?” So, from now on, you’ll find me blogging here, where there is also my portfolio and even a proper about page, wohoo. If you’re interested, you can still deep dive into the beginnings of my creative career here. I was still a student, when I first started my tumblr more than seven years ago. Seven years, that is pretty crazy! Time flies. I’ll guess, you’ll find out stuff about me, that I have already forgotten.

The only rule I’ll have for this blog is having no rules at all. This is an creative space for me and I am happy to share it with you. It might be a brand new shiny project, which I worked on for months, but it also might be just my lunch if I have the urge to share it with the world. Same applies for the number of posts. I might be posting three times a day or only once in three months. You’ll figure it out eventually.

But one thing is for sure: If you stick around, you’ll be able to see the whole picture of who I am as a designer. It’s probably almost like reading my creative thoughts. I hope you’ll have fun, get inspired and leave me a note. I am sure exited as hell. It’s like a whole new blank notebook and I just wrote the first page. Many more to come!
Oh, and this will be in english, because it used to be in english and that’s kinda stuck in my head. Blogging is only possible in english. I guess you’re okay with that.