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procreate letterings with handlettered type

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings

collage, digital lettering, drawing, graphic design, Handlettering, Sketchbook 3. April 2019

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings It’s been a while. So much to show you, so little time. I’ve been busy with some projects, that I can hopefully show you soon. We are having a second kiddo ( very soon ) and that’s why I had to finish up projects and prepare for the first few […]

minimal waste analogue collage nadine bieg

minimal waste

collage, minimal waste 19. Februar 2018

minimal waste As some people might know, we’ve been moving around the country a lot the last couple of years. And everytime we start packing boxes, we realize how much stuff we have accumulated. Moving is a great way to get rid a lot of stuff, because you have to grab every single piece anyways […]