Nadine Bieg The Hague Design Lettering

the very last summer day

My friend Andrea came to see me in the Hague two weeks ago. on what I call the very last summer day. We got so lucky with the weather: definitely T-Shirt weather and sun out all day. Of course we had breakfast at the beach and we’re chillin in the dunes afterwards as you can see. Hi you, it’s me! Andrea is a photographer, so she somehow turns a weirdo sitting in the dunes into a great picture. Don’t ask me how. You should defintely check out her work here. Oh and I lettered her a logo a while ago. And guess what? Going to Essen next week and meeting up with her again. Ahh, really love being so close to the Ruhr area again to just be able to do that.

Unnecessary to say, that all her pictures are shot by Andrea Kiesendahl.

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