Hi, my name is Nadine.
I am german illustrator, handlettering artist and designer living in the Netherlands.

I cannot deny my love for letters. As a handlettering artist and illustrator, I draw letters and words digitally and analogue. As a calligrapher, I use my nibs and ink to create beautiful calligraphy. As a designer, I always incorporate typography in my layouts and branding systems. What can I do for you?



How I work and how I am

Since I got my hands on an apple pencil and the drawing app Procreate, I haven’t stopped exploring digital drawing and lettering. But I also never leave the house without my pens and selfmade sketchbooks.

I love big branding projects, which are complex and require a lot of stamina, logical thinking and problem solving skills ( that’s what design is all about ).  But I also like to design the small and tiny postcard with a lovely illustration on it, which only exists once and is sent to your grandmother.

I never lose my love for small and fine details, no matter how big the project is.

Nothing more exciting than diving into endless technical possibilities of a full format camera. But then there is so much joy and simplicity in a polaroid camera with only one button.

I want to own a letterpress studio and own a huge space for my bookbinding supplies, I dream of paper making and block printing and a garage for it. Sometimes I imagine a 5 meter long desk and build in cabinets full of art supplies, which never go out of stock. And then, there are weeks, where there is only me and a pencil. Great ideas rarely come from big settings, a spectacular office and 3-story-building of the finest art supplies.



My heart jumps of joy, when I flip through a well designed and printed piece of paper. But I also do a little happy dance, when I get to design a small animation, which only works in digital surroundings.


When I am travelling or exploring new things, I am least creative. When I am close to boredom, my head is bubbling of new ideas and I need to get my hands doing and making immediately ( in other words: I don’t know what boredom is ).

While designing, I love lots of rules, restrictions and even interdictions. I love to explore the freedom within this frame.

I live in the Netherlands and I don’t like riding bikes.

Where you can find me

Dipl. Des. Nadine Silke Bieg
Paul Gabriëlstraat 35 
2596 VA The Hague

Mobil: +49 (0)176 22502804 /

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