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tomato growing business

This year I grew my own tomato plants from seeds. One thing I wanted to do since a long time. And this year I’ll only have tomatoes on the balconys. All other vegetables will be planted in the garden. We have two balconys and one of them is huge with a lot of sun all day long. So lots of space for my new tomato growing business.

Tomatoes are kind of special, because most of them don’t like to be rained on. Which means, there is no better spot for tomatoes than our sunny balcony. They are now potted and will be watched carefully. Let’s see if my business is profitable.

Another thing I am learning, is mastering Lettering on the Ipad. I aquired some brushes for Procreate and couldn’t be happier about it. So here are this year’s tomato types. I’ll let you know, which are the most delicious ones.

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