illustration of a zero waste recipe

illustrating zero waste recipes

Ok, it’s about time to give you another update on our minimal waste journey. Since I started, it has been over 1,5 years. So all the cosmetics in the bathroom are pretty much used up. I started replacing them one by one with zero waste products or selfmade alternatives. Some worked well, some didn’t work at all. I had a hard time to adjust to hair soap, but I blame it on the pregnancy hormones ( what else? ). I decided to illustrate a few of the zero waste recipes that worked well for me. So here is my first one, a selfmade deodorant. Almost all the recipes are from It really does only take a few minutes to make and you can add some variety with the oil you add.

Since it’s summer, I am collecting herbs and flowers from our garden, drying them, putting them in oil and alcohol. I am already exited to use them in some recipes soon. So far so good.

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