pandemic winter

I stumbled upon these photos from a trip to Wremen on my phone and thought of sharing them with you. It’s been a while since we went there, but I have stopped posting here before a little virus came along. The plan was to make a make over of this website and then, well, start over. But then this pandemic started us over and there was no time, like literally no time to even think about a project like that. Two kids at home, one turning one, the other one turning three, two full time jobs and no help. Well, that was fun. As time went on, the kids grew older. My son started walking, my daughter learned how to ride a bike. We survived.

In the winter 2020/21 we did a lot of trips to places, you would probably enjoy during summer time. But it was winter, freezing cold and rainy, and the kids needed to be aired. Looking back at it from a 25 degree day, I think these pictures are so symbolic for this pandemic winter. Moody, rainy, cold with almost no evidence of people living there. Everything closed. Just us, walking around, enjoying puddles and muddy kids asking for the next snack.

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