New portraits

Last weekend my friend and photographer Andrea Kiesendahl came to see me in the Hague. On sunday morning she first took the nicest pictures of me and my little family ( I am not showing them here, because you know, privacy ). But I love every single picture, you just gotta believe me. And she even got my daughter to wear a shirt I bought a long while ago and that was never worn, because Mama really likes it and why would you do her a favor?

Anyways, I am so glad I asked Andrea and we did this. The kids are growing soo fast, it’s unbelievable. It’s such a phrase, but it’s just really true.

It wasn’t the first time, Andrea took pictures of me. Here are a few pictures when she was the last time here in the Hague. Back in Bremen we also did a nice content session shoot. See them here. The newest portraits I will use very soon in a new project. It’s exciting and I can let you know more about it hopefully soonish.

All portraits by amazing

Andrea Kiesendahl

After this fun morning, we went to the Gemeente Museum here in The Hague. I visited the museum several times before and I go there for the art, but I am always amazed by the architecture. I love the staircases and the colorful tiles on the walls and of course the light. It truly is a very nice museum so it was clear we would shoot there. And turns out, that was a very good decision! But go see yourself!

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