A drawing of Leiden, resetting and not making plans

The new year has already started, I am honestly still a little bit lost. The big planning did not affect me yet, and I dont think it will any time soon. I am busy resetting, event though I was a little quiet on here, but usually that just means one is busy. So was I.

So christmas was a very welcome change of daily routines. We are in a lockdown here in the Netherlands, so there is not much do to than talking longs walks. We went to Leiden on one of those days between christmas and the new year and absolutely loved it. It was rainy, it was cold, everything was closed and only a few poeple out and about. But as parents you gotta make sure the kids grasp some fresh air.

And hey, it was a good trip! I took a lot of photos of pretty houses and boats and doors. And later on I drew some of them. You see the drawing of Leiden above and the reference picture below. Everytime I get out the coloured pencils, I am making promises to myself to use them more. There are so many great tools, I really wonder how certain artists keep up with one technique. I am all over the place. Always. That’s a good thing, right?

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