New sketchbook, new format, new ideas.

Bigger and better.


Right on time for the new year, I finished my old sketchbook. It was a selfbound sketchbook, with a lot of pages with different papers. I basically made the same sketchbook again after I liked my first one so much, which was also selfbound by me. It really got me going on with painting and drawing every day, because the pages were so small and narrow and I knew the papers so well. So I am really grateful and emotional about these books. ( sketchbook tour book 1 / sketchbook tour 2 )

I actually had another one almost ready lying here and then suddenly I decided it’s time for something new. The book literally became too small and decided on an A4 book. I still have five other sketchbooks in use, so the risk wasn’t too high, but what can I say?

I am sooo glad I went for this change! It truly feels amazing. I didn’t know I needed that much space. By now I have filled around 20 full pages and I am still liking it. I was a bit hesistant at first, because you know new sketchbooks can be exciting but also loose a lot of glory and fascination after a week or two, but no!

So these are some random pages, where I tried something new. I drew a kumquat plant with a brushpen and added the kumquats and blossoms with acrylic markers and top. Of course I had to fill in some of the stuff I learned about the kumquats with lettering.

On the left page I lettered some of the botanical names of very common fruit. I love botanical names and always try to memorize them so I can impress my friends when asking for an malus instead of an apple. I keep forgetting, what else?
Anyways, I used a pigment brush pen for lettering and I think that’s a pretty cool idea. I like the unsteady line and this color combination is just …. I can’t get over this bright Yellow Ochre.

Get ready, you will see more of this!

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