I was sick and I made a lettering: the Influenza Lettering

Influenza Lettering

I cannot remember when I was sick the last time. With being sick, I don’t mean the occasional running nose, but literally sleeping all day and night, not being able to take stairs or sit for a very long time. So, I was sick just a little while ago and it came from nowhere and guess what? It wasn’t even Corona. Yes, true. How is that possible? I was hoping to check this off my list after 2 years of pandemic, but no. While everyone was sick with Corona around us ( but mostly recovered in about 3 or 4 days when vaccinated), I wasn’t even able to scroll on my phone for longer than 5 minutes.

Well, I survived this influenza. That’s what it was. My whole family had to go through it as well, one after another. We’re fine. Not complaining, just reminding you, that within hours life can be very different. Health is very valuable and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Take care, folks!

I made this digital Influenza Lettering to serve me as a reminder to be grateful for your health.

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