unexpected changes

december hustle

longing for

the quiet

December is usually a really busy month. Lots of social events and christmas festivities. And especially as a creative entrepreneur this is a busy and important time for me. And it was busy and that’s okay. Because I knew we had some quiet days ahead in Germany. I was counting down the days. And then we had to change plans.

Just two hours before we wanted to pick up the kids from their last day of school my husband took a covid test. And it was positive for the first time in this ( endless ) pandemic.


We decided not to leave, but to stay. Because you never know if it gets worse or if me or the kids will also catch it. Disappointment among the kids was huge, but luckily I bought a christmas tree for us two weeks prior Christmas, the ducth way, with the cargobike. We have a chimney and two fireplaces. That was convincing enough for the kids, that Santa would also stop by our place. So we stayed for Christmas Eve.

french egg
dutch doors
I have this thing with doors

I photographed so so many unique door wreaths

Since we were out of plans, we spontaneously went on a stroll through Leiden. I enjoy this city a lot. The cute houses, the cobble stones, the grachten and all the elegant christmas decorations. Wonderful!

In the beginning of 2022 we went also to Leiden for a big city walk. Seems like this should be a christmas tradition. I even blogged about it. You can read and see pictures here.

cobblestone corner in Leiden, Netherlands
I like looking up

happy end

red door

We still got our family time in Germany, just a bit later as planned. Even though we had to make new plans, I am grateful we had time to explore this beautiful city of Leiden unexpectantly. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” said already John Lennon and he is certainly right.

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