Sketchbook Tour! Also: I am on YouTube now.

I am beyond exited to finally make this post. And this isn’t just a phrase! I have been wanted to make a YouTube channel for a while now and I never did until now!

The first video is a sketchbook tour of one of my small and everyday sketchbooks and it’s also in english. This doesn’t sound like a big step, but it kinda is. Not for me personally ( I love languages ), but I have a very active german community over at konfettirausch and I’ve been in harsh discussions with myself how to keep my german channels going and also open up to any international artists, clients and followers, since I live in the Netherlands and not in Germany anymore. I could go on and on about this forever, but I keep it short for now. I am happy to have gone for this solution, because YouTube is a channel of its own and I can just link to it from everywhere.

What to expect? Well, not so sure yet, but I will be using this channel for art related topics and let’s see where this leads us to, alright? Comments and feedback is super welcome. Maybe you also enjoy the calm, relaxing and inspiring athmosphere on YouTube? Grab a coffee and have a look. So happy you’re here!
And also, please recommend fellow Art YouTuber to me, I am still a newbie. Thanks! You find my brand new channel here.

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