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minimal waste

minimal waste

As some people might know, we’ve been moving around the country a lot the last couple of years. And everytime we start packing boxes, we realize how much stuff we have accumulated. Moving is a great way to get rid a lot of stuff, because you have to grab every single piece anyways and put it in a box. When was the last time you actually used that stuff? Do I really need it? We started making a habit of questioning the stuff we really need, because less stuff gives you a lot of freedom, not only when moving. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

In addition, it’s the first time we have our own waste container here. We used to live in houses in Berlin or Braunschweig, where the entire house is contributing to the same huge waste bin. But here, we have our very own. If that really makes sense is a different story. But my point is: Because it’s only us putting stuff in there, you start realizing how much waste you produce. I am literally shocked. I started looking closer and thinking about ways to reduce that waste. Also, living with a baby under one roof, which is putting everything in her mouth, you notice how much stuff is actually wrapped in plastic over and over again and it’s making me sick and angry at the same time.

But what to do about it? Well, for now I just have ideas on what I can do personally, but no real solutions ( if there is any ), thinking, reading and observing a lot. Trying to consume less and investing in longlasting products has been part of our mindset for a while now. Let’s incorporate the minimal waste mentality as fast and as good as we can. I am keeping you updated.

Oh, and guess what? That collage is called minimal waste. Quite a surprise.

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