procreate letterings with handlettered type

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings

It’s been a while. So much to show you, so little time. I’ve been busy with some projects, that I can hopefully show you soon. We are having a second kiddo ( very soon ) and that’s why I had to finish up projects and prepare for the first few months being a family of four. There will be quieter times soon and I can’t wait.

I participated in an instagram challenge although there was only little time. It was a creative challenge, where you were asked to make an artwork every second day of march, only using a specific color palette. The medium was free to choose, so perfect for me to finally do some procreate letterings. I hesitated for a long time, but finally bought an Ipad and apple pen. Suddenly there are millions of possibilities and my head is bursting of ideas. But I did not only draw digitally in procreate, but also dug out my watercolor box, did some monoline drawings and used my beloved stamps.

In short: I had a blast! Need to make more room for playing around with new tools, even if there is actually no time. I hope you enjoy my selection of the artworks I made for the colourmixtape challenge.

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