French charm

For New Years we went to northern France to spend some days in the very quiet countryside. And indeed, it was very quiet and calming. We rented an old station hotel with french charm. At the end of the very long street, not very far from our place, was the old closed down train station. The street was a dead end, only a few houses and lots of chickens on the other side of the street.

I didn’t expect anything as I haven’t booked the place myself. And hey, what a surprise. The place was truly a hidden gem. Beautiful tiles on the floor, creaking wooden floor upstairs and lots of details like an old scale, patterned fabrics and old furniture. The light shining through the big windows and the endless view were incredible. I drew a lot and took even more pictures with my phone to have them as a reference and inspiration when I am back.

Oh, how awesome this change of scenery was. Very much needed and enjoyed.

Hope you also had a great start to the year.

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