minimal waste journey

minimal waste 2. August 2018

minimal waste journey old curd soap kernseife

minimal waste journey

I thought it’s about time to give you an update on our minimal waste journey / plastic free life.  After three books ( this, this and this, all german ) and lots of internet research, I started making stuff myself. Yesterday I succeeded in mixing up my own dishwashing detergent and it only took me about 5 minutes. I couldn’t stop cleaning and almost emptied out the dishwasher.

I also banned a lot of plastic from the kitchen and this wasn’t really a hard journey either. The tupperware had to go and the old and beautiful preserving jars I found in my grandmother’s basement were finally put to use. We are now owners of an reusable steel coffee filter and an diswashing brush made of beechwood and tampico fibre. We bought our daughter a steel bottle and are using cotton bags to go shopping at the bakery and the weekly farmer’s market. Still a lot to do, but we are getting there.

The bathroom is also looking less cluttered. We are using up all of our gels, deodorants and lotions. Next step is to make my own deodorant, toothpaste, as well as washing powder. Looking forward to it!

The pictures shows an very old curd soap, which the grandmother of my husband gave to us a couple of months ago. It’s stretched and weirdly shaped and almost to pretty to use. Just almost though.


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