solid shampoo minimal waste pastell colors container

solid shampoo

solid shampoo

Doing my first baby steps while going minimal waste. First things replaced were shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant. Besides the fact, that I am very surprised by the awesome results I love that the bathroom smells wonderfully and also look at how pretty these bars are! I mean, really. Couldn’t stop taking pictures. Pastel colors! Another plus: this is the end of leaking shampoo bottles. For me, this was always a problem while travelling.

Also, I had some bowls left over. They are tiny and I used them as an ink or water depot while doing calligraphy, but I realized I am fine with the lid of my watercolor container. But hey, they are more than perfect for the solid shampoo and the other soaps, not only that they fit nicely, but also colorwise.

No sacrifice replacing the ugly plastic containers at all. Aesthetically a total win. I guess I am a designer thoroughly.

So far so good.

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