nadine bieg watercolor lettering new beginnings

new beginnings

Yep, here it is, the first entry of my new blog.

new beginnings.

I was with tumblr all those years before, but it was time to move on. I was always okay with my blog being on a different platform, but I have come to realize, that it doesn’t make much sense anymore. Instead I was confusing my visitors, clients and even friends and family. “So there is another webpage of yours?”, “Wait, which webpage do you talk about now?” So, from now on, you’ll find me blogging here, where there is also my portfolio and even a proper about page, wohoo. If you’re interested, you can still deep dive into the beginnings of my creative career here. I was still a student, when I first started my tumblr more than seven years ago. Seven years, that is pretty crazy! Time flies. I’ll guess, you’ll find out stuff about me, that I have already forgotten.

The only rule I’ll have for this blog is having no rules at all. This is an creative space for me and I am happy to share it with you. It might be a brand new shiny project, which I worked on for months, but it also might be just my lunch if I have the urge to share it with the world. Same applies for the number of posts. I might be posting three times a day or only once in three months. You’ll figure it out eventually.

But one thing is for sure: If you stick around, you’ll be able to see the whole picture of who I am as a designer. It’s probably almost like reading my creative thoughts. I hope you’ll have fun, get inspired and leave me a note. I am sure exited as hell. It’s like a whole new blank notebook and I just wrote the first page. Many more to come!
Oh, and this will be in english, because it used to be in english and that’s kinda stuck in my head. Blogging is only possible in english. I guess you’re okay with that.

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