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fall mood

fall mood

moody fall / fall mood

It’s fall! This year’s summer was endless. So we went from bikini weather to sweater weather in like two days. I do need more time to adjust usually. To make this process go faster, I went to the supermarket and bought a lot of tea. Got my winter shoes and all the blankets out. Started with making a list for christmas presents and actually thought about it, too. Yep and this very morning I turned on the heater.

But what helped the most, were the four awesome days we spent in an area called Teufelsmoor not far from here. It’s an area of moorland just north of Bremen. Moody place, you know? We picked fresh apples, got lost in the cornfields and forests and sat by the fire in the evenings. And I drew mushrooms in the sketchbook, because they had this amazingly detailed nature books all around the little hut. And I was so inspired by the silence, the surrounding nature and the non exisiting wi-fi.

How about your fall mood?

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