This is a series of handlettered panels. Early in january, lots of people decide to clean out their closet and get rid of unused things to avoid a cluttered household. So do we. For me it always felt wrong to throw products to waste, which are sometimes in great conditions, some of them even brand new. If we don’t use them maybe someone else will. Selling things or giving them away for free might sound easy, but there is still a lot of work which is done to prepare an online listing for example. I always used to shy away from this kind of work, because the amount of time going into this preparation is definitely disproportionate to the money I’ll get in return. But as I want to live in a more sustainable world, I thought about establishing a selling habit. One product a week. Because if you do things more often, you get used to it and save time. To hold up the motivation I kept track of the things selling and started this series.

Actually I sold far more than these 6 products so far, but Corona came and I had to be very concious with the time I was putting into my self intitiated projects. But my journey will continue. And maybe there is a little chance that you are inspired by this project and start one of your own? The idea of establishing a selling habit definitely worked out.

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