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procreate letterings with handlettered type

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings

collage, digital lettering, drawing, graphic design, Handlettering, Sketchbook 3. April 2019

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings It’s been a while. So much to show you, so little time. I’ve been busy with some projects, that I can hopefully show you soon. We are having a second kiddo ( very soon ) and that’s why I had to finish up projects and prepare for the first few […]

ticket love nadine bieg

ticket love

graphic design, travel 30. Mai 2018

ticket love Because I came across them the other day and I think they are super pretty. These are mostly tickets from our Balkan honeymoon trip back in 2015, when my husband was still using his old name, haha. Oh look at those tables, let alone the colors! As much as I love having tickets […]