This Lettering was part of a project of Jakob & Tatze Screenprint Studio. Nina initiated with a few people a charity project. In order to raise awareness for the inhumane situation of thousands of refugees in the outskirts of europe, we were asked to do an illustration with the lettering “leave no one behind” on it. The instagram community voted for the best design, which then was screenprinted on T-shirts. They were sold, the earned money was donated. Unfortunately the situation hasn’t changed much, even got worse with the approaching winter.


I did not only make this illustration, I also made a second one and both turned them into Gifs. So everyone can use them for free in their instagram story, in the Facebook messenger and whatsoever. We need to be louder to be heard! You can find the gif by typing in “leave no one behind” into your favorite API. You can view the Gifs here and here.


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