illustration of a zero waste recipe

illustrating zero waste recipes

digital lettering, drawing, minimal waste 27. August 2019

Ok, it’s about time to give you another update on our minimal waste journey. Since I started, it has been over 1,5 years. So all the cosmetics in the bathroom are pretty much used up. I started replacing them one by one with zero waste products or selfmade alternatives. Some worked well, some didn’t work at all. I had a hard time to adjust to hair soap, but I blame it on the pregnancy hormones ( what else? ). I decided to illustrate a few of the zero waste recipes that worked well for me. So here is my first one, a selfmade deodorant. Almost all the recipes are from It really does only take a few minutes to make and you can add some variety with the oil you add.

Since it’s summer, I am collecting herbs and flowers from our garden, drying them, putting them in oil and alcohol. I am already exited to use them in some recipes soon. So far so good.

Superpower Lettering

Superpower Lettering

digital lettering, Handlettering, typography 8. Juni 2019

When you want to aquire a new lettering technique, you don’t pay attention to what you letter. It’s somehow peculiar, that I come up with the word “Karate” a lot. It’s because I like K’s and A’s I guess.

I’ve never done any karate or actually never seen anyone doing it, but to me it seems that people mastering this sport are often referred to as owning a superpower. I like that. I like superpowers. So I just keep on lettering “karate” until I call my superpower Lettering.

This has been my third digital lettering. You can see the other post here and here . Having fun while making progress. You’ll get to see more, no worries.

Nostalgic ferry rides

bremen, photography, travel 7. Juni 2019

nostalgic ferry rides

Living in Bremen means we get to enjoy ferry rides quite often. Sometimes it’s just a two minute ride, sometimes longer. But I am always as exited as my two year old.

Not too long ago we visited the manmade beach in Bremen Walle called Waller Sand. We came by ferry, which made it even more interesting. We jumped on this ship from the 1950’s and everyone was outside enjoying the sea breeze. Well, except us. I was running behind my daughter and we ended up inside. Inside meant entering a different world, especially with the light so warm.

tomato growing business procreate Handlettering

tomato growing business

digital lettering, drawing, Handlettering, typography 21. Mai 2019

This year I grew my own tomato plants from seeds. One thing I wanted to do since a long time. And this year I’ll only have tomatoes on the balconys. All other vegetables will be planted in the garden. We have two balconys and one of them is huge with a lot of sun all day long. So lots of space for my new tomato growing business.

Tomatoes are kind of special, because most of them don’t like to be rained on. Which means, there is no better spot for tomatoes than our sunny balcony. They are now potted and will be watched carefully. Let’s see if my business is profitable.

Another thing I am learning, is mastering Lettering on the Ipad. I aquired some brushes for Procreate and couldn’t be happier about it. So here are this year’s tomato types. I’ll let you know, which are the most delicious ones.

36 days of type Letter A collage art

36 days of type

collage, graphic design, Sketchbook, typography 26. April 2019

36 days of type

This year I decided to take part in the 36 days of type project. Starting at the beginning of april, designers and illustrators and all other creative people were challenged to design a letter every day, of course starting with an A. There are so many beautiful and inspiring contributions on instagram, you need to see them.

Since I have a newborn here, I take it slow and just challenge myself without uploading the pictures to instagram. I haven’t done a collage in ages, so it was about time. For the project I used an empty sketchbook, so I’ll have them all in one place. First collage sketchbook for me. Above you see some of the letters. When I am done with the entire alphabet ( and the numbers ) you’ll get to see them on my collage website. Yes, an entire website with my collageart.

procreate letterings with handlettered type

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings

collage, digital lettering, drawing, graphic design, Handlettering, Sketchbook 3. April 2019

Procreate letterings & analogue drawings

It’s been a while. So much to show you, so little time. I’ve been busy with some projects, that I can hopefully show you soon. We are having a second kiddo ( very soon ) and that’s why I had to finish up projects and prepare for the first few months being a family of four. There will be quieter times soon and I can’t wait.

I participated in an instagram challenge although there was only little time. It was a creative challenge, where you were asked to make an artwork every second day of march, only using a specific color palette. The medium was free to choose, so perfect for me to finally do some procreate letterings. I hesitated for a long time, but finally bought an Ipad and apple pen. Suddenly there are millions of possibilities and my head is bursting of ideas. But I did not only draw digitally in procreate, but also dug out my watercolor box, did some monoline drawings and used my beloved stamps.

In short: I had a blast! Need to make more room for playing around with new tools, even if there is actually no time. I hope you enjoy my selection of the artworks I made for the colourmixtape challenge.

fall mood sketchbook mushrooms

fall mood

bremen, Handlettering, Sketchbook, travel 26. Oktober 2018

fall mood

moody fall / fall mood

It’s fall! This year’s summer was endless. So we went from bikini weather to sweater weather in like two days. I do need more time to adjust usually. To make this process go faster, I went to the supermarket and bought a lot of tea. Got my winter shoes and all the blankets out. Started with making a list for christmas presents and actually thought about it, too. Yep and this very morning I turned on the heater.

But what helped the most, were the four awesome days we spent in an area called Teufelsmoor not far from here. It’s an area of moorland just north of Bremen. Moody place, you know? We picked fresh apples, got lost in the cornfields and forests and sat by the fire in the evenings. And I drew mushrooms in the sketchbook, because they had this amazingly detailed nature books all around the little hut. And I was so inspired by the silence, the surrounding nature and the non exisiting wi-fi.

How about your fall mood?

Do you want t go to the seaside? Cap Ferret

Do you want to got to the seaside?

photography, travel 31. August 2018

Do you want t go to the seaside? Beach in France
Do you want t go to the seaside? Beach in France
Do you want t go to the seaside? Beach in France
Do you want t go to the seaside? endless beaches

Do you want to go to the sea side?

Yes, I do. This amazing summer is coming to an end. There is rain outside ( some might say finally ), but I’d rather look out into the Blue. That’s why you have to bear with me and look at endless beaches from our holiday back in June.

On another note, this song gets stuck in my head, when I only think of the ocean: Seaside by the Kooks. Oh Summer!


minimal waste journey

minimal waste 2. August 2018

minimal waste journey old curd soap kernseife

minimal waste journey

I thought it’s about time to give you an update on our minimal waste journey / plastic free life.  After three books ( this, this and this, all german ) and lots of internet research, I started making stuff myself. Yesterday I succeeded in mixing up my own dishwashing detergent and it only took me about 5 minutes. I couldn’t stop cleaning and almost emptied out the dishwasher.

I also banned a lot of plastic from the kitchen and this wasn’t really a hard journey either. The tupperware had to go and the old and beautiful preserving jars I found in my grandmother’s basement were finally put to use. We are now owners of an reusable steel coffee filter and an diswashing brush made of beechwood and tampico fibre. We bought our daughter a steel bottle and are using cotton bags to go shopping at the bakery and the weekly farmer’s market. Still a lot to do, but we are getting there.

The bathroom is also looking less cluttered. We are using up all of our gels, deodorants and lotions. Next step is to make my own deodorant, toothpaste, as well as washing powder. Looking forward to it!

The pictures shows an very old curd soap, which the grandmother of my husband gave to us a couple of months ago. It’s stretched and weirdly shaped and almost to pretty to use. Just almost though.